Server virtualization is simply taking a physical server and with the help of virtualization software, dividing that server up (partitioning) to appear as many “virtual servers” that can run their copy of an operating system (OS).

This process allows a single server to be utilized in multiple ways at once instead of being dedicated to only one thing.

There are numerous advantages to using server virtualization. Some of those advantages include:

1. Saves costs on I.T. expenses such as additional hardware resources, space, software, electricity, cooling requirements, and maintenance
2. Reduces the number of physical servers required on-site
3. Creates independent user environments
4. Reduces application downtime and simplifies backup processes (with added storage virtualization

Virtualization is more than just the purchase and installation of a product. It is a technological journey that can help minimize corporate costs while simultaneously enhancing application performance and faster workload deployment. Let Texas Computer Consultants help get your business to the top!