Cloud Solutions

Texas Computer Consultants can combine data analytics, security, networking, and file/data management in a simplified way. As we work together closely with you, we can grasp a better understanding of your business and create ways that cloud solutions can better help protect and manage your business.

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Managed IT Services

Texas Computer Consultants’ managed IT services is dedicated to delivering a customized platform of monitoring and management tools for your organization’s IT infrastructure and to help free you from unnecessary and/or time-consuming tasks.

We can align our services of essential network technology components such as, but not limited to, remote help capabilities, patch upgrades and management, desktop support services, backup/recovery/archiving, network server solutions, cloud solutions, and anti-malware/anti-virus solutions.

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VOIP Services

If you are looking for a way to grow revenue, cut costs, and have more control of your office environment, Texas Computer Consultants’ cloud-based business phone system should be at the top of your list.

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IT Support & Consultation

We can provide guidance and support to get your company on the right track in becoming more effective and efficient with the latest and most innovative products and services.

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Security Solutions

While there is no fail proof way to guarantee that your business will always be safe from malicious intrusion attempts, our goal at Texas Computer Consultants is to get you as close as possible to total security. Our advanced resources can help shield your network and data from potential security threats before damage is inflicted.

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Servers & Virtualization

Server virtualization is simply taking a physical server and with the help of virtualization software, dividing that server up (partitioning) to appear as many “virtual servers” that can run their copy of an operating system (OS).

This process allows a single server to be utilized in multiple ways at once instead of being dedicated to only one task.

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Email Solutions

Texas Computer Consultants understands that email is critical to your organization. It’s essential for communication, crucial to productivity and indispensable for retaining valuable corporate information.

When email isn’t working, neither is your business. You need email solutions that keep your system up no matter what. Managing email effectively requires email solutions with comprehensive security, archiving and continuity capabilities.

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Backup & Business Continuity

Backups and business continuity can save your company. One disaster is all it takes for your clients and reputation to take an irreparable hit. Data backup and data recovery are important parts of running a business.

Business owners realize three things quickly: all computer systems crash; all humans error; and disasters happen when least expected or when you are least prepared for them. A business can be more prepared by having data backup systems in place.

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